Maximising Your ServiceNow Investment: Why Consultancy Makes the Difference

In today’s technology-driven business landscape, ServiceNow has risen as a comprehensive solution for IT service management and beyond. Yet, many companies find themselves scratching the surface of what this platform can truly offer. Not harnessing the full potential of ServiceNow can lead to a misalignment between investment and returns.

Here’s the predicament: you've invested heavily in ServiceNow licenses, but do you feel you're squeezing out every ounce of value from it? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Many organisations face the challenge of underutilised ServiceNow capabilities.

Why Companies Struggle to Fully Utilise ServiceNow

- Complexity of Integration: ServiceNow offers a range of features like ITSM, ITOM, Knowledge Management, HR Service Delivery, PPM, and Automation. Integrating these services seamlessly requires a nuanced understanding of each module.

- Knowledge Gaps: Not every company has the internal expertise to know how best to configure and optimise ServiceNow. Without the right guidance, many features can go unnoticed or misconfigured.

- Evolving Business Needs: As businesses grow and change, so do their requirements. ServiceNow should evolve alongside them. Yet, many companies struggle to adapt their ServiceNow configuration to their shifting needs.

The Value of a ServiceNow Consultancy

It’s at this crossroads that a ServiceNow consultancy, like Velocity Consulting, becomes invaluable. Why?

1. Expertise: With Velocity Consulting, you’re not just hiring any team; you get the A-team every time. With the most knowledgeable consultants in the business, our 15 years of successful outcomes with ServiceNow speak for themselves.

2. Custom Strategy with TransformNow: Beyond mere ServiceNow troubleshooting, our proprietary project methodology, TransformNow, ensures your ServiceNow vision is a success. From strategy, target operating model, to adoption and communication - we’re with you at every step.

3. Honest Advice: We stand by our principle of giving only the best solution. Honesty, integrity, and a laser focus on business outcomes mean you get value in every call.

4. Dedicated Support: With dedicated account managers boasting a minimum of 10 years of experience, you're in capable hands.

By partnering with a consultancy, companies can improve ServiceNow performance, maximise their platform investment, and ensure that their ServiceNow setup is not only robust but also tailored to their unique needs.


In the journey to realise the full potential of ServiceNow, having an experienced guiding hand can make all the difference. By leveraging the expertise of a ServiceNow consultancy, businesses can transform their ServiceNow platform from a mere operational tool to a powerhouse driving efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Don’t let your ServiceNow license sit underutilised. Reach out to Velocity Consulting today and let us help you transform your ServiceNow journey.

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