As organisations increasingly adopt ServiceNow to streamline their IT services and operations, several common complaints often emerge. Drawing on our vast experience servicing clients and insights from our expert-designed performance assessment, we've identified these prevalent issues. Understanding these challenges can help businesses improve ServiceNow performance, maximise platform investment, and ensure smoother operations.

Learning Curve

One of the most frequently mentioned challenges with ServiceNow is the steep learning curve. According to various user reviews and feedback on platforms like Gartner Peer Insights and G2, approximately 30-40% of users report difficulties getting accustomed to the platform. This complexity can hinder productivity and slow adoption, especially when customisation is involved.

Customisation Challenges

Customisation is a double-edged sword in ServiceNow. While it allows for tailored solutions, around 60-80% of users report difficulties managing and maintaining custom scripts and configurations. Over-customization can lead to increased complexity and potential performance issues. Engaging a ServiceNow consultancy, like Velocity Consulting, can provide honest advice and help avoid the pitfalls of excessive customisation.

Scalability Problems

Scalability is another significant concern, particularly for large organisations. About 15-20% of users report issues with scalability, which can impact performance as more features and users are added. Effective planning and adherence to the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) can mitigate these challenges, ensuring the platform grows seamlessly with the organisation's needs.

High Licensing Costs

Cost is a critical factor in the adoption and ongoing use of ServiceNow. Around 30-40% of users highlight high licensing and implementation costs as a major concern. While these costs can be justified by the value ServiceNow brings to the organisation, they can be a deterrent for some. It's crucial to align the costs with the high value the platform delivers, ensuring that the investment is worthwhile.

Secondary Costs

In addition to licensing, secondary costs associated with managing and maintaining the platform can be significant. Approximately 40-50% of users encounter unexpected costs related to additional modules and customisations. Working with a ServiceNow consultant can help identify and manage these costs more effectively, ensuring that organisations are prepared for the total cost of ownership.

Implementation Complexity

Many organizations find the implementation process daunting. Around 25-35% of users find it complex and time-consuming. Self-delivered implementations often face these challenges, whereas partnering with a consultancy like Velocity Consulting can streamline the process. Our TransformNow methodology ensures that implementation is efficient, delivering a better return on investment (ROI) and reducing complexity.

We've created a performance assessment to help you discover how successfully your business harnesses ServiceNow's benefits. The answer might surprise you.


At Velocity Consulting, a ServiceNow Premier Partner, we understand these challenges and have developed TransformNow, a comprehensive project methodology. TransformNow goes beyond configuration, encompassing strategy, target operating models, adoption, and communications. Our expertise spans ITSM, ITOM, Knowledge Management, HR Service Delivery, PPM, and Automation, ensuring we can address all ServiceNow needs.

Our approach is rooted in honest advice and dedicated support, with a dedicated account manager with a minimum of 10 years of experience. We provide the best solutions possible, leveraging our deep knowledge and focus on business outcomes. With 15 years of successful ServiceNow implementations, you get the A-team every single time. We take the time to understand your business and deliver value in every interaction.

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