In today's fast-paced digital landscape, organisations are constantly looking for ways to streamline their operations and maximise their investments in various ways. One such platform that has taken the business world by storm is ServiceNow. As a ServiceNow Premier Partner, we at Velocity Consulting understand the intricacies of this powerful platform. Specifically, we've seen first-hand the incredible value of using ServiceNow's Project Portfolio Management (PPM) for project management.

ServiceNow PPM: A Comprehensive Tool for Modern Project Management

Whether you're operating in a waterfall, agile, or hybrid method, ServiceNow PPM can cater to your project management needs. It's designed to help organisations manage every facet of their projects, from cost management to resource allocation.

Cost Management and Value Identification

With PPM, you can easily monitor and control costs associated with your projects. Moreover, it aids in identifying and tracking the value that each project brings, ensuring that you maximise your project portfolio investments, and as the PPM application sits seamlessly alongside Demand Management as discussed in a previous blog; values identified in Demand business cases are transferred over to projects, ensuring a tight alignment between the original benefits case and the delivery.

Resource Management and Timecards

One of the biggest challenges in project management is the efficient allocation and tracking of resources. ServiceNow PPM simplifies this by providing tools for resource management and timecards, helping project managers ensure that every resource is utilised optimally and providing resource managers with an easy way to interact with project resource requirements.

Risk, Issue, and Decision Logs

No project is without its risks and issues. ServiceNow PPM offers risk, issue, decision, and action logs, allowing project and program management teams to proactively address potential roadblocks and make informed decisions.

Operating ‘better together’ with CSM for Customer Project Management

In conjunction with the Customer Service Management (CSM) product, ServiceNow PPM can also be used for customer project management, making it a versatile tool for both internal and external projects and providing visibility and online interactivity with external stakeholders and project participants.

Why Choose Velocity Consulting's TransformNow for ServiceNow Implementations

While ServiceNow PPM is undeniably robust, the key to truly delivering a great ServiceNow experience lies in effective implementation and optimisation. That's where Velocity Consulting comes in.

Our methodology doesn't stop at mere configuration. From strategy formulation and target operating model establishment to adoption and communication, we stand by our clients throughout their ServiceNow journey.

Why We Stand Out:

- Expertise: With 15 years of delivering successful outcomes using ServiceNow, our consultants are among the most knowledgeable in the business.

- Integrity: We offer honest advice and solutions, focusing purely on your business outcomes.

- Value: Every call with us assures you value, as our dedication shines through in every interaction.

- Understanding: We take the time to know your business, ensuring the solutions provided resonate with your needs.

ServiceNow has already established itself as a game-changer in the ITSM, ITOM and Automation sectors. With the right consultancy and approach, you can harness its full potential, ensuring you improve ServiceNow capabilities and yield maximum returns on your investment.

Remember, the journey with ServiceNow is not just about deploying the tool, but about transforming your operations and realising your vision. And at Velocity Consulting, we're here to make that vision a success.

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