When many hear the name ServiceNow, they might immediately think of IT Service Management (ITSM). While ServiceNow has been a leader in the ITSM space, its capabilities stretch far beyond just IT services. In today's fast-paced business world, maximizing your platform investment in ServiceNow can greatly improve your organization's performance. One of the most noteworthy extensions is in the realm of Human Resources (HR).

Extending IT Workflows to HR: A Seamless Transition

Imagine a new employee joining your company. The process is not just about getting a computer and an email address. It's also about ensuring that the HR department processes their paperwork, sets up their benefits, and integrates them into the company culture. Here's where ServiceNow's HR product comes into play.

By integrating HR with IT workflows, ServiceNow bridges the gap between onboarding and offboarding processes. This means a single, consistently applied process for employees. With this integrated approach, HR and IT teams can collaborate securely. The result? A reduction in onboarding errors and a streamlined process that enhances the overall employee experience.

Empowering HR with ServiceNow

Independently of IT, ServiceNow's HR product offers an extensive suite designed specifically for HR teams. At the heart of this is the workflow-based HR case management system. Instead of juggling multiple systems or tracking requests manually, HR professionals can manage all their tasks from a single dashboard.

For employees, the ServiceNow HR product is a game-changer. It comes with an employee portal, providing a one-stop-shop for all HR-related queries and requests. But it doesn't stop there. The product is equipped with a wide range of capabilities for self-help. Whether it's accessing knowledge articles or leveraging automation for common tasks, employees have the tools they need at their fingertips.

Why Velocity Consulting?

At Velocity Consulting, we've recognized the immense potential of ServiceNow beyond ITSM. With 15 years of successful outcomes with ServiceNow, our consultants are among the most knowledgeable in the business. Whether you are looking to improve ServiceNow performance or seeking a dedicated ServiceNow consultancy, we are here to help.

Our TransformNow methodology ensures you get the most out of your ServiceNow platform. From deploying to ongoing support, we are committed to your success. Moreover, our focus on honesty, integrity, and delivering business outcomes ensures you get the A-team every single time. We take the time to understand your business, ensuring that you not only maximize your platform investment in ServiceNow but also elevate the employee experience quality.

In Conclusion

ServiceNow is not just an ITSM tool. With its extensive capabilities, especially in the HR domain, organizations can foster collaboration, reduce errors, and enhance the overall employee experience. And with the right consultancy partner, the journey is even smoother.


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