In today's fast-paced digital environment, organizations aim not only to optimize their tools and platforms but also to ensure that they're accurately reflecting and fulfilling business demands. Among the plethora of platforms available, ServiceNow stands out as an exemplary tool that, when utilized effectively, can help businesses improve performance and maximise their platform investment. But how can IT management delve deeper into the requirements of a company, aligning IT service management with the overarching business mandate? The answer lies with ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM).

Identifying the Business Needs

Every organization is unique. Their goals, strategies, and operational requirements differ, shaping the way they interact with internal service providers like IT. At the heart of optimizing any service lies the understanding of these specific demands. ServiceNow consultancy experts, like those at Velocity Consulting, emphasize the importance of diving deep into these needs, ensuring that performance is attuned to an organization's specific goals.

Defining Functional Demands

One of the crucial aspects of ServiceNow SPM is its ability to define functional Demands. This entails outlining how services should be delivered, both qualitatively and quantitatively. By setting clear expectations, IT management can ensure that there's a direct correspondence between what the business requires and what the IT services deliver. These Demands act as a bridge, ensuring that there's minimal disparity between ITSM efforts and the business goals they're meant to support.

Aligning ITSM with Business Mandate

A successful alignment between ITSM and business mandates doesn't just happen overnight. It's a process, one that requires understanding, adaptation, and constant evolution. With tools like ServiceNow's Strategic Portfolio Management, businesses can ensure that they're always on the right track. This alignment is more than just fulfilling tasks; it's about understanding the broader picture, ensuring that every decision made within the platform resonates with the business's overarching vision.


Maximising your investment in IT Services goes beyond mere status-quo delivery. It’s about an all-encompassing forward-thinking approach, from strategy and target operating model definition to adoption, ensuring every step resonates with the business's demands and mandates. It's only by truly understanding these demands can IT management ensure they're delivering value at every opportunity and genuinely supporting business goals. With the most knowledgeable consultants in the business, like Velocity Consulting, companies can ensure they're not just delivering IT, but optimizing it to the fullest potential as defined by the business it supports.

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