Gen AI (“Generative Artificial Intelligence”) is a brand new feature for ServiceNow and is getting much attention in the Washington release notes; this is because of the enormous benefits it can deliver.  Much more than just a current buzzword in the industry (and it certainly is), Gen AI can quickly and quietly provide internal and external ServiceNow users with some incredible capabilities.

How is Gen AI different to AI?

ServiceNow has been delivering ‘AI’ for many years, providing capabilities under ‘Predictive Intelligence’. However, this has operated essentially as a pattern-matching application which monitors patterns of behaviour in large datasets (typically over ¼ million records) and recommends efficiencies, for example, if the machine learning engine identifies that 95% of all tickets with the word ‘email’ in the title are assigned to and resolved by the second line service desk team it will suggest that it makes that assignment automatically for any ticket which matches the pattern; accepting that recommendation means that your first line will not have to assign any ticket for ‘email onward’ any more, creating efficiency in how these tickets are handled.

Gen AI is very different; it uses an intelligence engine similar to ChatGPT-style functionality and can ‘read’ tickets to provide intelligent summaries at various points in the record lifecycle. A considerable benefit of this method is that it uses an external engine and so doesn’t need to ‘learn’ from hundreds of thousands of your own tickets, making it fast to deploy and an option for smaller organisations who simply don’t have sufficient volume to make ML/AI work for them.

What can Gen AI do for me in my ServiceNow instance?

There are a number of Gen AI actions which are being delivered in the Washington release, allowing triggers to be set at stages such as when Virtual Agent hands a chat over to an internal live agent, which will summarise the chat so far, allowing the live agent to more quickly take handover.  A similar function can occur at the point of incident resolution, providing a summary for the ‘resolution notes’ field and, again, after closure, automatically generating a draft KBA without needing an agent to spend time writing these items manually. Each of these shaves valuable minutes off each interaction and provides huge resource savings for your operations teams.

Can I start using these features?

Gen AI is released in Washington, which is due in the spring of 2024, and so upgrading to this version is the first step on the road to Gen AI efficiencies; however, being a part of the Now Assist application family, you will also need to have an appropriately licensed product. If you are not sure if you have this application, contact your support partner, who will be able to qualify you for access.

Do I need to configure the features?

Yes – there is a little configuration to enable the features and set triggers at appropriate points in the workflow. Contact your support partner or speak with Velocity Consulting to discuss the best delivery of these features.


Gen AI is finally here and can quickly and easily deliver massive efficiency improvements to your existing processes.  Contact your support partner or Velocity Consulting today to discuss this further.

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