Choosing the right ServiceNow partner is crucial for enhancing the performance of your ServiceNow platform and ensuring a return on your investment. While it might be tempting to simply choose the first consultancy you come across, like Velocity Consulting, it's essential to find a partner that aligns with your organization's values, needs, and expectations. This blog will guide you through the process of selecting a ServiceNow partner that you can trust and feel comfortable working with, especially during critical moments.

Understanding Your Needs

Before diving into the selection process, it's important to clearly define what you need from a ServiceNow partner. Do you require assistance with IT Service Management (ITSM) or IT Operations Management (ITOM)? Are your needs centred around Knowledge Management, HR Service Delivery, or Project Portfolio Management (PPM)? Do you need help to buy licenses as a great price, or do you need ongoing support, or help to progress you along your journey of releasing value from your instance? Identifying your specific requirements will help narrow down potential partners who specialize in those areas.

Seeking Honest Advice

A key trait to look for in a ServiceNow partner is their ability to provide honest, unbiased advice. Your chosen partner should have your best interests at heart, guiding you towards solutions that genuinely benefit your business rather than their bottom line. This ethical approach is a cornerstone of trustworthy consultancies like Velocity Consulting.

Experience and Expertise

Experience matters when it comes to ServiceNow consultancy. Look for partners who have a proven track record of successful outcomes. With over 15 years of experience, Velocity Consulting exemplifies the kind of deep expertise you should seek. Their approach, which includes dedicated account managers with a minimum of 10 years of experience, ensures that you're receiving knowledgeable and reliable guidance.

Personal Relationship and Trust

The strength of the relationship between you and your ServiceNow partner cannot be overstated. Choose a partner who is willing to invest time in understanding your business and its unique challenges. A partner who takes the time to know your business will be better equipped to provide personalized solutions and support.

Comprehensive Methodologies

Look for a partner that offers a comprehensive approach, like Velocity Consulting's TransformNow methodology. This should go beyond just configuring ServiceNow and include strategy development, target operating model design, adoption, and communication support. A holistic approach ensures that the ServiceNow implementation is aligned with your business objectives.


Selecting the right ServiceNow partner is a crucial decision for your business. It's not just about finding someone who can troubleshoot or optimize your ServiceNow platform; it's about finding a partner who can offer honest advice, has a wealth of experience, and is willing to build a personal relationship with your business. By prioritizing these qualities, you'll be well on your way to finding a partner that not only improves your ServiceNow performance but also aligns with your business values and goals.

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