IT Transformation

It's what we do.

Our passion is helping enterprises understand, embrace and thrive in the accelerating world that surrounds us.

Unlike many consultancies, our approach comes from our decades of real-world experience, designing, delivering and managing complex transformation programmes, negotiating complex ITIL and SIAM outsourcing deals and managing blue chip service organisations, as both the client and outsource provider.

This insight and experience gives us the ability to genuinely understand our client's challenges. 

It enables us to consistently and successfully deliver against the complex “hard and big” changes which all enterprises must continually go through to adapt and survive. 

Our Services

Combined with our creative transformation approach we deliver something different.

We produce deep insightful information about our clients' internal business relationships and provide practical recommendations to dramatically improve the relationship with their business.


We use our creative insights to help our customer's customers forge compelling new business and IT strategies and create innovative services.  


We help our customers design the right insourcing or outsourcing solution to meet their service strategy and deliver success through industry leading commercial models.


We take the risk out of Service Transition with fast, effective management, testing & launch services, minimising service impact & maximising business buy-in. 


We drive innovative, user-centric Transformation success for our customers,  managing complex Service organisation transformation, workplace transformation and global ServiceNow deployments.


Putting people at the heart of our transformations is the key to increasing commitment to the change and embedding new processes, roles and behaviours to maximise performance and value.


Our Approach

We add direction, innovation and acceleration to your business challenges.

Our embracing of disruptive, modern technologies, combined with our knowing exactly what to do (and what to not focus on), enables us to deliver astonishing acceleration along with lasting results which save our clients time and money.

We deliver lasting change for our clients who gain increased service performance and value, along with a seismic shift in their relationship with their business, that end-users love.

We have looked outside of the IT industry to creative and academic worlds to learn how they are able to make people understand, believe and even love new ideas, products and services.

This approach is at the heart of the three ways we add Velocity:   



We spend time to really get to the heart of the objective and gain real insights, which adds a clear direction and course to sail. Less costly re-work, less re-planning, less wasted communications, just a clear vision that everyone can understand and buy into.  



We look at business problems with a disruptive, innovative lens. From implementation of new technologies like Servicenow, to industry leading commercial and tender models, through to communications, conference design, graduate training schemes, we are passionate about re-thinking and re-imagining how the status-quo can be challenged and beaten.



We have embraced some of the latest technologies so we can work smarter and collaborate more to deliver faster for our customers. Working smarter with less waste, combined with our real passion to make adoption as rewarding as possible, means we really do deliver with breathtaking speed.

Our Partners

We get by with a little help from our friends.

We are passionate and proud to be working with (and using ourselves) the next generation of IT companies who get that enterprise IT has to transform itself to provide user-centric efficient solutions.


ServiceNow is the enterprise IT cloud company, transforming IT by automating and managing IT service relationships across the global enterprise


Box Inc. is an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service for over 240,00 businesses and 27 million people world wide.


Bomgar is a leader in enterprise remote support solutions for easily and securely supporting computing systems and mobile devices.