IT Service Transformation at Trinity Mirror 

Over and over again, companies sign up for IT outsourcing agreements and then watch in frustration as costs sky rocket and deadlines are missed.

Despite colossal sales figures, Trinity Mirror was under serious commercial pressure from the ‘digital revolution’, but rather than treating it like the enemy, the company embraced it and completely revolutionised its entire IT system.

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The next challenge that lay ahead was to deliver the operational savings required and to do this it chose to outsource its IT services. However, 12 months after selecting a partner, a suitable IT outsourcing arrangement had still not been agreed upon.

With the deadline looming and no solution in sight, Trinity Mirror’s CIO Tony Pusey approached Velocity to tackle the problem.

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  • The importance of formulating a vision of the ‘end-state’ using a ‘Target Operating Model’ (TOM)
  • How to change the brand and perception of IT by forging a more open relationship with the rest of the organisation
  • How to assert control and guidance with effective programme management, bringing pace and direction back to the transition
  • How Velocity managed to complete the final transition of all Trinity Mirror’s services two months earlier than originally planned and save a total of £2Million

Ultimately, you’ll discover the effect an infectiously positive attitude can have on a project, helping to create a fair contract that fosters a spirit of co-operation and achieves a huge amount in a very short time.

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