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Understanding Your Business

Are you looking to radically improve the relationship with your business?


The exponential change in technology means the gap is widening between users & IT departments. A lack of communication between IT functions and the wider business has lead to disconnects and leaves consumers of IT feeling disillusioned, marginalised and unsatisfied.
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Combining the Net Promotor System with our experience in improving internal IT customer relationships, we produce deep insightful information about our clients' internal business relationships.

We produce in-depth analytics along with practical real-world recommendations and actions to dramatically improve the relationship with their business and embed continuous relationship improvement into all that they do.

Velocity pulse framework™

Turning Your Business Into Your Biggest Supporters

  • "Due to the new in-house and well-trained service desk, Gatwick's Net Promotor Score increased from -95 to +40  over 18 months..."

    Setting The Service Desk On Fire - Forrester Report - Feb 2014

  • "They keep their language really simple, they understand your brand, they really get to know your people and what makes them tick."

    Caroline Coomber - Internal Communications Manager - London Gatwick

  • "Velocity have left us with a great legacy, customer service being key"

    Phil Holter - Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

  • "We weren't well perceived by the business and Velocity helped us overcome some of that."

    Phil Holter - Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity Pulse Lite

Using our Velocity NPS Insights approach we can produce an initial insight into the key issues our clients’ people and teams have with the IT service they receive.

By conducting our tailored NPS survey we identify and summarise these key issues and present them in the form of an infographic.

This light-touch assessment acts as a springboard to improving the service our clients provide to their organisation and is the benchmark from which all future improvement can be measured.


Velocity Pulse Report

This in-depth analysis of the Velocity NPS Insights Survey gives our clients a granular breakdown of the feedback provided by their people and teams.

This Report provides our clients with in-depth analytics around the perception of the IT service they provide and highlights the key issues affecting peoples’ ability to get their jobs done.  

Included in this Report is a set of recommendations to create a platform for change and a commitment to improving the service our clients provide to their business. 

Service Improvement Planning

The Service Improvement Plan (SIP) is based around the initiatives derived from the Velocity Pulse insights & Report.

Working alongside senior management we secure quick wins and develop a tailored Service Improvement plan. 

By targeting the “swing voters” in the survey, we help our clients implement their SIP focusing on the internal issues and challenges that will improve their Net Promoter Score and, more importantly, the relationship with their business. 

Continuous Relationship Improvement

Our NPS Insights approach creates a legacy of what we call continuous relationship improvement (CRI). 

Through a series of follow-up assessments we work with our clients to review their progress and by recommending simple-to-maintain yet effective changes to processes and better ways of working we make their plans reality.

Following this approach, our clients create a sustainable model and culture within their internal IT organisation which truly empowers their business. 

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