IT Transformation Management

Driving user-centric Transformation

IT departments are about managing constant demand for change; to meet the ever-growing expectations of their business and its users; exploiting new markets; embracing new technologies; upgrading aging technology & applications or simply, to help their business save money.

IT departments have a never-previously-available opportunity to not only transform the way they provide IT services, but also to redefine their relationship and perception within their business.

Managing these seismic shifts requires a different set of skills to “run-operate” or even “run-operate-do” projects. Each type of major transformation, from a major outsource to the deployment of flexible working has its own challenges and pitfalls, along with a series of tried and tested shortcuts to success.

Marshalling the required pace and enthusiasm in internal teams, when often the changes involve changes to them themselves, can be hard to start, plan, manage and implement. 



We help our clients to envision, design and implement major programmes of transformation and change.

Fusing the best people-centric change techniques from outside of IT with solid, real-world IT service, programme and change management experience we consistently deliver innovative, user-centric transformation success for our customers.

Our clients use our skills to help recover and rapidly deliver complex transformation programmes including service organisation transformation, workplace transformation and global ServiceNow implementations.

We consistently get great results and create real advocates, both in clients and suppliers.

Our approach cuts un-needed corners and most importantly reduces adoption and deployment timescales through our user-centric approach.

We help our clients deliver the complex programmes which truly differentiate their businesses

  • IT Transformation Management

    I would use Velocity again, and I would definitely look for their help if I was doing a transformation or recovery programmes of work, that have got into difficulties, because their pace and direction can really turn things around at very short notice.

    Michael Ibbitson – Chief Information Officer - London Gatwick 

  • IT Transformation Management

    Velocity came in and immediately created a new programme structure with clearly defined roles and then worked on a one-to-one basis with individuals to ensure that they knew exactly what their roles were going to be going forward.

    Tony Pusey – Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

  • IT Transformation Management

    Velocity were great to work with really. They understood what we were trying to achieve here. They brought a huge amount of insight and experience into exactly that sort of transformation programme and they added a lot of energy and direction to the team. 

    Tony Pusey – Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

  • IT Transformation Management

    Velocity were truly working in partnership, which was the emphasis I wanted to put on it with both us and our outsourcer... they actually did go the extra mile to ensure success. And genuinely we couldn't have done it without them, particularly with the really aggressive timescales we had set ourselves to achieve this. 

    Tony Pusey – Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

  • IT Transformation Management

    I would say Velocity's skill base is not just IT focused it's a skill base and an asset that they’ve got and they could actually manage change in any major area of the business. I would not hesitate to use Velocity going forward and any other major change project that we've got within TM I wish IT had an involvement.

    Colin Davies - IT & Operations Director - Trinity Mirror

  • IT Transformation Management

    Velocity pulled us into the right structure, put us at the right pace and they gave us great confidence. 

    Peter Raettig - Head of Infrastructure & Operations - Trinity Mirror

  • IT Transformation Management

    They were very dynamic, very committed. Very knowledgeable group of guys.

    Peter Raettig - Head of Infrastructure & Operations - Trinity Mirror

  • IT Transformation Management

    We weren't well perceived by the business and you helped us overcome some of that. I can think of specific examples of where you went above and beyond to deliver for our customers.

    Phil Holter - Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

  • IT Transformation Management

    Velocity have left us with a great legacy, customer service being key.

    Phil Holter - Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

  • IT Transformation Management

    They keep their language really simple, they understand your brand, they really get to know your people and what makes them tick.

    Caroline Coomber - Internal Communications Manager - London Gatwick

Programme delivery excellence and our proven, repeatable user-centric transformation models are the key to our successful delivery of transformation programmes, in less time and for less money, with increased user adoption and benefits for our clients.

Programme & Service Recovery

Combining our Velocity Insights model with our extensive programme delivery experience we are quickly able to determine the reasons for programme failure and rapidly introduce control and direction to bring programmes back to successful delivery. 

With experience gained both client and supplier side, we are able to create focus and pace with combined teams to quickly introduce pace.

Using Velocity’s Programme Delivery framework we are able to provide a gated programme governance and programme assurance structure that enables consistent quality controls and delivery of our client’s portfolio of projects.  These portfolios can be linked to our Strategic Planning model to manage the benefits and delivery of our clients strategic roadmap.


Programme Management

Using Programme Management methodologies to consistently deliver programmes, with increased pace and benefits, requires a deep understanding gained from years of delivering a wide range of business-focussed projects.

From Programme Management, to project delivery, Programme Office design and setup through to the development of project processes including Demand Management, Agile development, Project Tollgate and Governance, we understand what key elements to programme management truly deliver results without process overkill. 

Using our “Programme-in-A-Box” methodology built from our depth of Programme delivery experience, combined with our skills in communicating Programme purpose and progress, we help our clients to consistently deliver Transformation success.

Communication & Adoption

At Velocity, we believe that Results (R) are a product of both Quality of the solution (Q) and its Adoption (A) – or R=QxA as we like to call it.

Using the findings from our Insights and Net Promoter Score assessments we can clearly articulate the wider business objectives, the roadmap of changes planned and the benefits they will bring. 

We then combine this with our engagement and communications planning approach that keeps end users informed of progress and what they can expect in simple, plain-English terms and a style and tone that matches both the organisation and its numerous audiences. These tailor-made campaigns ensure that any project, programme or transformation is perceived as a success.


Transformation Delivery

We have a simple belief that people are at the heart of every Transformation we perform. We have looked outside of IT to the world of marketing and product development to develop a simple approach to planning transformations.  Based on putting users first and planning around them, it’s a model that our clients love and that delivers consistent accelerated results.

Building upon the success of our delivery model, we have developed repeatable Transformation delivery models for the following scenarios.

Service Organisation Transformation

Our model allows us to quickly restructure internal IT project and service delivery teams into customer-focused highly efficient functions.

ServiceNow Transformation

We combined our extensive experience in delivering global ServiceNow implementations with our Transformation approach to create a ServiceNow-driven organisational change model.

End-User Service Transformation

From BYOD to Flexible Working we have a proven delivery approach for designing and delivering end-user transformation to redefine our clients' relationship with their business users.

Datacenter Transformation

Leveraging our partnerships with leading Cloud providers and our extensive infrastructure service delivery experience, we have developed a Datacenter Transformation and Migration model that enables fast, risk-free transformation of our clients’ datacenter and server infrastructure.

If you would like to know the fastest way to transform your IT department, we would love the opportunity to talk to you. Contact us here.