IT Service Transition Management

Ensuring service performance and accelerating improvement

Most Service transitions can be a very daunting prospect: moving all of your services from one supplier to another, or introducing a new supplier, without damaging the services you’re working hard to maintain and improve.

Without repeated experience in managing it, clients leave the responsibility to the new IT supplier who, with a lack of knowledge about their new client and their internal, technical focus, can leave the customer and most importantly the customer’s internal clients feeling short-changed and exposed. 

The ensuing issues have massive ripples into the start of the new service and the start of the new relationship, delaying the delivery of real transformational benefits.



We accelerate Service Transition and ensure its success through our hands-on management and our unique model that links commercials to the Target Operating model, to understand clearly the required transition and testing activities for each service element.

Our experience enables us to know precisely where to focus effort to reduce risk at speed, enabling us to typically save 30% of average Service Transition projects.


As experienced Service delivery professionals, we know what is important to make service transitions fast and successful.
This precise understanding enables us to focus on end-user impact and improving service performance from day one. 

Our services protect against transition failure, accelerate timelines and improve business understanding.

  • IT Service Transition Management

    The team would describe Velocity as full on, totally integrated, very focused upon delivering the end vision and end service model to the client, but most of all, working together. There was true sense of fun that we were delivering something that we knew was going to be successful.

    Steve Murtagh – Operations Director - Getronics

  • IT Service Transition Management

    We've got a fully functioning service three months ahead of our original schedule. We therefore generated first year savings which are about a third in excess of what we originally planned.

    Tony Pusey – Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

  • IT Service Transition Management

    Working with Velocity was about how can we handle people change, the migration, the transition of services out to our partners and keeping them up to date with change process and decisions made on the way. We had a 6 month period where we had to deliver massive change within IT... the change was seismic. It was not just one or two areas of change - it touched all areas of the business within IT. 

    Colin Davies - IT & Operations Director - Trinity Mirror

  • IT Service Transition Management

    Velocity brought along structure, past experience and real energy to drive us through.

    Peter Raettig - Head of Infrastructure & Operations - Trinity Mirror

  • IT Service Transition Management

    We weren't well perceived by the business and you helped us over come some of that. I can think of specific examples of where you went above and beyond to deliver for our customers.

    Phil Holter - Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

  • IT Service Transition Management

    Velocity brought Energy, Drive and Customer Focus to Gatwick IT, ensuring we delivered for our business.

    Phil Holter - Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

  • IT Service Transition Management

    Knowing they could take care of Transition and could just move it forward without too much overhead and management from my side was really important.

    Michael Ibbitson – Chief Information Officer -  London Gatwick 

  • IT Service Transition Management

    Working with Velocity gave us a belief that we were embedded with the client, could hit the ground running at go live, but it set us up to deliver a better level of service from day one and beyond.

    Steve Murtagh – Operations Director - Getronics

  • IT Service Transition Management

    Working with Velocity brings the engagement alive. They visited our service desk, not just on one occasion but on several occasions, to make our people feel they were dealing with real people at the end of the telephone.

    Steve Murtagh – Operations Director - Getronics

  • IT Service Transition Management

    Velocity are a fast paced organisation, and they really drive through change. What shines through the most is that they really care about the impact of change on people.

    Jayne Wylde - IT Operations Centre manager - London Gatwick

  • IT Service Transition Management

    They keep their language really simple, they understand your brand, they really get to know your people and what makes them tick.

    Caroline Coomber - Internal Communications Manager - London Gatwick

Our real-world service delivery experience enables us to accurately and quickly plan and deliver Service Transitions which protect from service loss, shorten delivery timelines and improve business buy in.

Transition Testing & Management

We skillfully coordinate Service Transition programmes to manage the successful transition of services between outsource suppliers or to outsource suppliers from in-house functions – including any TUPE staff transfers. 

Our approach incorporates a gated quality control model that ensures both service quality and availability is unaffected.

This risk-based approach has produced guaranteed delivery in the least time and we consistently meet tough timescales to achieve greatest results.

We focus and manage Transition and testing on both the commercial model designed and most importantly the Target Operating Model. By engaging both subject matter experts and end users to carry out testing and pilot campaigns, we put the client in control of  the risk and speed of transition.

Launch control

Go-live is all about choreography and getting all teams to understand the client, its business and its priorities. 

In preparation stages we coach service desks and service management teams alike in new ways of working and how to engage with the business to deliver the service they want. 

We manage the whole transition, including the supplier training and testing and then go-live itself – where the hard work starts! 

By baking in initial transformation activities into a new supplier’s or in-house team’s plan we make sure that our client’s new service function has improvement firmly in its sights and is measured to achieve it.

Transition Communications and Launch

Using the findings from our Insights and Net Promoter Score assessments we clearly chart a course for success ensuring all understand the wider business objectives, the roadmap of changes planned and the benefits they will bring.

Using this same approach, we are also able to successfully rebrand IT organisations by explaining the benefits of outsource and service improvement activities 

On top of this we have a communications and engagement planning model which explains, in simple, plain-English terms, the change to our clients’ end users, ensuring the transition is perceived to be successful.

Early Life Support

We work alongside our clients acting as early life support for any new service to reduce the risk of service performance dips immediately post-transition.

Our people act as coaches and mentors for new team members and suppliers alike to help embed new processes, ways of working and technology deployed.

And, more importantly, because everything else has gone well, we are confident we can shave six months off the planned date for genuine service transformation to start being delivered.

Focussing then on improvement, based again on the NPS and Insights findings, we drive suppliers and client organisations to draw up and agree a Service Improvement Plan on day one of the new service to ensure momentum does not drop.

If you would like to know how to ensure Service Transition success, we would love the opportunity to talk to you. Contact us here.