Our big ambition

To forever change the face of IT Consultancy

The world continues to change at an ever increasing rate. We think it’s time IT Consultancy caught up.

The landscape of IT Consultancy has been irrevocably altered by 'disruptive technology', leaving a chasm between the new generation of agile creative consultancies and those who remain trapped by out of date approaches and archaic outsourcing models.

The pace of technological innovation has far outstripped conventional service levels, meaning benefits are yet to filter down to users. People have been left feeling emotionally detached from their distant outsourced service providers, or frustrated by poor service and the glacial pace of change. 

There is a growing feeling from clients that the old service model no longer delivers good value, as disruptive technologies such as Cloud Services and SaaS deployments offer greater value and ease, exponentially increasing the speed and efficiency of integrating services.

By applying this 'disruptive' innovation to the standard IT model, there is now the potential to effect radical far-reaching change in an unexpectedly short period of time, with the delivery of clear and quantified value. Parallel to this is the welcome opportunity to reduce costs - essentially to achieve the 'Holy Grail' of realising 'more for less'.

For any organisation far-sighted enough to embrace the new approach practiced at Velocity, the true value goes far beyond simple cost reductions and is in the 'quantum leap' advances to be made by transforming productivity and customer service levels.







Our Beliefs

A few things you should know about us

Some of the principles we abide by and love to debate…

1.      Direction. Innovation. Acceleration. It's what we do.

We invest time to get to the heart of the business objective and gain rich human insight, setting a clear course and vision for all. We embrace the latest technologies to work smarter and more collaboratively to deliver with real pace for our customers.

2.      We created Velocity because this is the most exciting time to work in IT 

The right blend of ideas, people and technology can achieve anything in business. Creativity and a human approach can put IT at the heart of that, making it a creator, not just a cost. 

3.      We design everything we do around people, start to finish

At the end of every plan and process, text and tweet, envelope and email there is a person, just like us. We get to know that person and build everything we do around them with simplicity at the core.

4.      Transformation Results = Quality x Adoption

From developing the simplest process to implementing the most effective technology, quality of solution is important – but buy-in from the team is critical to success. As we like to say: ideas inspire; technology enables; people deliver.

5.      Outsourcing has to change 

We are determined to change the Sourcing industry, to battle against antiquated, costly, time consuming tender selection processes and contracts to blindly focus on cost as a measure of value. With your help, we want to create a movement and change this industry, one customer and partner at a time.

6.      We’ll never stop learning

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. Today’s rate of progress is such that major new discoveries, innovations and solutions are announced daily. We’ll never stop learning new ways to work smarter.